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Give Us Your Good Ideas Here!

This is on Main forums, but the concept will still work. Give us ideas for both or just RPG if you want. It's entirely up to you.

Towny contest results!

khaos1311 a posted Feb 18, 14

Towny Contest Results

Results are in for the Towny contest. Some towns did great with the additional Valentine's day criteria, and some towns did great even with getting lower scores on that criteria just from being amazing!

Prizes are listed on the thread. All extra town space has been given out already. If you need to claim one of your other rewards like a portal at the PvE world spawn or Beacon Blocks, contact a srmod, jradmin, admin, or khaos/xabvosx to get you your stuff!

If your town is not listed here do not worry! There will be another Towny contest soon!


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th - 6th Place


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th - 6th Place


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th - 6th Place

Congrats to all the winners! And to everyone else get ready for the next one coming soon!

TygerrisisWedgie Congratz to all of those towns and hope to see them names up there again!
Justins_Lover @ Savage Realms RPG
Congratz Asbury_Park(:
navinb1994 not valantine themed, still 3rd! lika a boss XD

We are now taking entries for our Valentine's day towny contest.
Judging will take place during the weekend of February 14th.

1st: Beacon block, 200 extra plots, and a portal to your towns spawn.
2nd: Beacon block, 150 extra plots, and a portal to your towns spawn.
3rd: Beacon block, 100 extra plots, and a portal to your towns spawn.
4th: Portal to your towns spawn.
5th: Portal to your towns spawn.
6th: Portal to your towns spawn.

Please post a reply on this (Click here) thread with your town's name, your in-game name, and which server it's on.
Only the towns mayor should post an entry.


Distinction. How unique your town is.
How well each part of your town relates to each other part of your town.
Theme: Valentine's day
How well your town uses its surrounding terrain

Good luck and have fun!

Vote Every Day at
For the January Voter Special!

New Year, New Build Worlds!
New Build Worlds for RPG/Main/Pets.  Access them through the Build World Portals.  NOTHING is changing with the old worlds or Towny, these are just new fresh worlds for people to build in!
Expanded Raid's borders from 3k to 5k for some new fresh area to build bases in and harvest.

Class Balancing Patch:

December Voter Prizes:
People who earned $100, $75, $25, and $15 in December just from voting can claim them at the below link:

Lastly, remember....

Holiday Donation Special
Ends Sunday!
More info Below.


TygerrisisWedgie I just found out that there Is a town right next to the build world spawn I think its the west one or the new one, anywa ...
TygerrisisWedgie The build world will help the new player allot, and me, thanks
2083animal cant wait to explore a 1.7 build world thx guys!

Holiday Donation Special!

acidsin a posted Dec 23, 13
Holiday Donor Special!

Featuring the New Tier 3 PvP Class Rogue and
Yellow, Black, Green, and Triple Christmas Nimbus'!


SkyBlock Donation Ranks and Nimbus Effects!

Web Store Discount Code:

*Note* The New Tier 3 PvP class and Nimbus effects are bonuses to the 25% discount and 5x Gold!  Nimbus effects are limited time and exclusive cosmetic perks for all servers!

From December 23rd through January 5th we are running a Holiday Donation Special, which includes:

- 25% off all Donor Packages. (If the upgrade you want is $100 it is only $75 during the special, etc.)
- 5x Gold. (If you would normally get 2000 gold you will get 10000 during the special, etc.)
- Donations of $9 will also get access to one of three colors of our Flying Nimbus cosmetic effect!:
- Access to toggle effect on and off/switch colors if you have them.
- $17 will get you TWO colors.
- $24 will get you ALL THREE colors.
- Donations of $35 will also get access to the Triple Christmas Nimbus cosmetic effect!  It will not be made available again!
- Donations of $49 get all nimbus effects and.....

The New Tier 3 PvP Class the Rogue!

From the shadows emerges the Rogue!  A new Tier 3 class focused on many fun, cool, and useful abilities!
Rogue Abilities:
- Requires Full Leather Armor
- Leather armor will turn full black..
- Combo Points
- Rogue abilities cost Combo Points (Hunger.)
- Invisible (Left Click Ghast Tear - Right Click to UnStealth)
- No cooldown.  Fades for a second and then is stealth.  Costs 1/2  a Combo Point per second.  Attacking, Interacting, etc will knock the Rogue out of Stealth.
- Toss (Left Click an Iron Shovel)
- 20 second cooldown.  Grabs a nearby Player and throws them through the air towards your target location with a range of 25 blocks.  When they land they will take low damage but deal high damage to all Players around their landing spot.  Costs 1 and 1/2 Combo Points.
- Summon Chester the Wolf (Right Click an Iron Shovel)
- 60 second cooldown.  Summons a Pet Wolf Chester for 30 seconds.  He will follow you around and attack nearby player's occasionally.  As it tires Chester to run, when he has less distance to travel he has a chance to attack more than once!  Costs 2 Combo Points.  Each successful attack by Chester will grant you one Combo Point.
- Backstab (Passive)
- When attacking an opponent from behind deal bonus damage and cause an explosion of blood! Generates 1 Combo Point per Backstab.
- ULTIMATE: Searing Arrow(Left Click a Diamond Shovel)
- 120 second cooldown.  Begins charging a Massive arrow shot.  The Rogue channels for 5 seconds.  After the channel has finished they launch an enormously damaging and very bright shot at their target decimating them!  If the Rogue moves, is knocked out of their spot, or if the target runs out of range the channel ends and the effect does not go off.  Costs 4 Combo Points to Activate.

New "Flying Nimbus" Cosmetic Effect Colors!
Black Green Yellow and Triple Christmas Color!


Commands for the Flying Nimbus:
- /nimbus
- This displays what Nimbus you have and some commands.
- /nimbus <color>
- This activates the Nimbus effect of the chosen color. ex: /nimbus christmas
- /nimbus off
- This turns off the Nimbus effect.

SkyBlock Donor Ranks!

Introducing the new SkyBlock Donation ranks!

How to Donate for SkyBlock:
-Go to
-Click Donations at the top.
-Click the 'SkyBlock Donation Tab' in the shop.
-Select your rank and get upgraded within minutes in game!


-/kit skyvip Includes: 256 Cobblestone, 32 Redstone, and 16 Iron Ingots(1 day CD.)
-/feed - Replenish your hunger.
-Unique in game suffix.
-HOLIDAY DONOR SPECIAL ONLY! - 1 Nimbus Effect of your choice!


-/kit skyelite Includes: 15 Grass, 15 Sand, 64 Wood planks(1 day CD.)
-/kittycannon - Shoot an Exploding Kitty!
-/tpa and /tpahere - Teleport to other players and teleport them to you if they accept.
-/back - Use to get back to your last spot.
-/jump - Leap forward to the spot you are looking at.
-Unique in game suffix.
-HOLIDAY DONOR SPECIAL ONLY! - 2 Nimbus Effects of your choice!


-/kit skyhero Includes: 1 set of diamond tools(5 day CD.)
/heal - Heal yourself.
-/namecolor - Change the color of your name.
-Unique in game suffix.
-HOLIDAY DONOR SPECIAL ONLY! - All 3 colors and the Triple Christmas Nimbus!

To claim your donor bonus(es), go here:

We really want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being so great!   SR has been around for nearly 2 and a half years now.  A lot of hard work has gone into it by myself, cr0ss, and the staff, but the real big part of SR is all of you.  The communities, friendships, and just general fun people have had is great to see.

We honest to goodness really hope all of you have a great Holiday Season!.

- acidsin & cr0ss
TygerrisisWedgie These look awesome well done Acidsin and the rest of the group! You are making the server an even MORE fun place which s ...
SolarBrand I'm not sure about this "Toss" skill (doesn't really fit in with Rogue, and maybe a different class name to ma ...
DerpingVisions OH MAH GAWD. I'm so jelly.. And i'm not even allowed to donate 1$ to this freaking awesome server..
sush death D:
The server is up, TheDoctor
Did Rpg just go down? or was my connection refused?
Ew no
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